John B. Finn


John is the inspirational leader of Calico Holdings and the driving force behind the success of many Calico Holdings businesses.

John grew up in the Catskill mountain community of Bovina, New York. His diverse experience includes certified public accountant, production accountant, music festival director, bassist, rock band frontman, and founder of several companies and nonprofits. John’s continuing ventures focus on enriching and investing in upstate New York’s vibrant way of life and supporting great ideas and innovation. When he’s not on the clock or playing with his band, Esquela, John spends time with his family in Bovina.


Wendy M. Buerge

SVP of Operations

Wendy serves as a SVP of Operations for Calico Holdings. Her inspirational leadership influences all of Calico Holdings' investments and provides a driving force of continuity within each of our holding companies.

Wendy grew up in Margaretville and after returning to the area in 1999, served as the Town Clerk for the Town of Hardenburgh for ten years. She has a background in historic preservation and rehabilitating buildings through her work at the MARK Project, where she was employed for three years. Her ancestors settled in her home in Margaretville five generations ago and farmed the land, as many have and still do here in Bovina. She has developed a deep love for Bovina since moving here in 2009 and serves on the board of Livestock Foundation. She and John raise their daughter Chloe here in Bovina.