Calico Holdings includes a diverse portfolio of interests in film and TV services, financial services, music, entertainment and social responsibility.



Entertainment Financial Services

GreenSlate advances the business of content production by seamlessly integrating people, process, and technology to meet the essential business needs of content producers. From budget to delivery, GreenSlate technology, tax credit management, and benefits services enable production teams to focus more on what they do best - creating inspiring content.

National Association of Production Accountants (NAPA)

Educational Services

The National Association of Production Accountants (NAPA) has been established to educate and guide members in the policy and procedures of production accounting in the entertainment industry.

Finn Technology


Finn Technology is a full-service team of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs providing application development, digital and mobile experience, business strategy, and IT infrastructure.

4-Cylinder 400


Originally released in 2004, this critically acclaimed film captures the mayhem and the glory of an annual barnyard car race in a tiny rural town in the Catskills region of New York.

Walden: Life in the Woods

Feature Film

Walden: Life in the Woods is a feature length narrative film that confronts our species’ addiction to comfort and panic, daring us to burn to ashes the things that starve us of our true selves. The movie spreads Thoreau’s prismatic curiosity about nature and human nature over every corner of our lives today.

Tinhorn Properties


Tinhorn is dedicated to Delaware County and the surrounding Catskill Mountains by building, rehabilitating and managing historical properties in the area.

Dry Town Tavern


Dry Town Tavern is a celebration of Bovina's past, present and future. We are restoring the historic Hilson's store to its original glory to create Dry Town Tavern, a feast for your senses. The tavern has been raised up and renovated to become a gathering place and central hub for the community to gather, converse, and reflect on our collective history.


Music & Entertainment

Esquela, a proud purveyor of the Bovina Rock sound, is not limited by its rural roots but grounded in them and uses its provenance as a springboard to sing about universals that fans can appreciate. War, politics, relationships and the banalities of everyday life, provide fodder for the band’s original songwriting while a talented and passionate group of musicians wrap those lyrics in a roots-rock-Americana sound that both beguiles and charms its listeners.

Livestock Foundation

Social Responsibility

Livestock Foundation is a non-profit organization formed with the express purpose to preserve the rural way of life in Delaware County and surrounding regions by promoting and supporting local businesses, farmers and trades people through educational and outreach programs.

Livestock Music Festival

Music & Entertainment

An annual gathering of Americana bands from down the road, upstate and downstate, and from all around the country, Livestock! Music Festival is a summertime ritual at the Finn family farm set a mile outside the hamlet of Bovina Center, New York.