Former Bovina Dairy Co-op to again become a creamery

Piece of history being modernized for new venture

By Brian Sweeney, 3/23/2016

Source: Catskill Mountain News (link)

A return to the past will get underway in June new owners begin the task of returning the Bovina Creamery to its original use.

Calico Holdings completed the purchase of the creamery building in early March and plans call for construction of the “new” creamery to get underway in June.

Bovina residents John Finn and Wendy Buerge are the principals in Calico Holdings. John’s brother, Dan, is also expected to be part of the new venture.

Wendy, who serves as senior vice president of operations for the company, told the News that plans for the building are still being formulated and that it’s premature to release a lot of details until agreements are in place with other parties.

“The plan is to revitalize the building and convert it back into a creamery,” she said.

They expect the renovation work to start before summer and be completed before year’s end.

Restaurant in the future

Reestablishing the creamery is the top priority for the Calico Holdings partners, but Wendy said the company has also purchased the former Hilson’s Store in Bovina Center and they plan to turn that building into a restaurant. She said that project is down the line a bit.

“There are lots of exciting things happening,” Wendy stated.

The 5,000-square-foot creamery building had been owned by the McIntosh family for more than four decades. The Bovina Center Co-Op Dairy, as it was known, had opened in the early 1900s and ceased operation in 1973.

The current brick building was dates back to 1942, when it replaced the original 1902 wood- en structure, according to historical records. When purchased by the McIntosh family, the building soon took on new life as the home of McIntosh Auction Service. The McIntoshes operated in Bovina from 1975 until relocating to Margaretville in 2001.

Chuck McIntosh, who operates the auction business with his brother, Roger, said he’s thrilled to see the historic building being put into use once again.

“We are very pleased that two local boys are coming in here to start a business.

We’re happy that they are fixing the building up to make it a viable business. We wish them all kinds of luck and we’ll be supporting them,” Chuck commented.

“It’s going to be good for the community,” he added.